I’m a versatile writer who combines understanding of the health industry with the knowledge of what your readers really want. Through the following services, I can help meet your content needs.
Are you a very busy CEO, who has the desire to build a lasting reputation as thought leader in the health industry, but you simply don’t have the time? Or maybe you do have the time but can’t seem to get those brilliant concepts of yours into an engaging write-up? Irrespective of your limitation, you can relax – I’m here to help.
As a top-level professional, I can write blockbuster articles on your behalf and in your voice, without laying any claim to it now or in the future. The articles will be well researched, backed with factual data and presented in a professional manner that will leave your audience wowed!
Whether you’re a producer of healthcare products, a fitness center or a retail store selling nutritional supplements, one thing is certain – if you are not blogging, you’re losing an awful lot of leads! Not only does blogging improve your site’s ranking over time, it keeps your customers loyal by offering them true value every time they visit your site.
I can help out with creation of blog posts for your site, all the way from keyword research, to content development, to on-page and off-page optimization, to image sourcing and the final publishing. I can also manage your company blog and provide valuable insight that will keep you running with maximum efficiency.
Creation of E-books and e-courses is one of the surest ways of cementing your position as a thought-leader in the health industry. Not only does it prove that you “know your stuff,” but it can also be an extra source of income down the line.
I can help out with the development of e-books / e-courses that will synchronize with the needs of your target audience, thus helping in converting more leads into actual customers. 
Article Writing
Various kinds of articles need to be created from time to time for various reasons. Maybe you’re looking to write-up a technical case study or you just need someone to produce content that describes how your product works. Whichever be the case, I can help out.
Product Descriptions and Reviews
Having a simplified and attractive description of your products is the first step a successful sales process. Before making a purchasing your product, every consumer wants to know things: what makes your product/service unique and how does it help me?
I can help answer both questions by producing a simplified but detailed description/review of your products/service, that will bring out all its must-have goodies, without overselling it.
Perhaps there’s a service you need but isn’t listed above? Still reach out. I’d love to discuss it with you. To reach out to me, please head to the Contact me page or email me at richard@premiumhealthwriter.com.