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 A Writer with a Scientific  Start

Hey there! I am Richard Adefioye – a versatile freelance health writer with an uncompromising stand against washout, low-quality content.
My Journey began with a 5-year college training as an Animal Scientist. An experience that enlightened me in more ways than I can count (with a bonus prize of finishing with a stellar GPA! Don’t ask – I won’t tell!)
Freelance Health Writer,
Throughout my college days, I was always fascinated by human Anatomy and physiology. I mean, what makes humans tick? Why do people get sick?
Why are some people monumentally fat, while some are ridiculously skinny?
Is it their feeding habit? Is it genetic? How do we fix it? So many questions!
Unfortunately, many (myself included at the time,) had been left confused by ill-informed sources out there, who propagate unsubstantiated opinions about what works and what doesn’t.
I mean, I once came across an article that claimed that the best way to lose belly fat was by doing crunches. What? Crunches alone? That is just wrong!
How can you lose significant body fat, when you totally ignore all the considerably larger muscle groups?
This, among other things made me to launch into human health research, with only one goal in mind – to find facts!
Although I initially didn’t plan on becoming a freelance writer, it so happens that I have a natural affinity for stringing words together.
Coupled with my years of experience as a College tutor, telling a sophisticated story in a simplified and engaging manner came naturally.
So, as a freelance health writer, my goal is unique – to promote healthy living through genuinely helpful, fact-based content.
Being a freelance health writer afforded me the two things I love most – to live life on my own terms and to help people.
And by people I don’t just mean the obese guy try to drop some pounds, but also companies/businesses offering health-boosting products or services.
So, whether you’re a gym owner, a producer of nutritional supplements, a hospital seeking exposure or just a health publication in need of informative and engaging content, I’m the guy to turn to!
Just as the name of my site implies, I am a PREMIUM health writer and with me, nothing but the best will do!
I tap into my versatility and knowledge of the health industry, as well as relevant research studies, to help create engaging content that won’t only keep your audience busy, but actually bring in the sales.
If you’d like to hire me, please head over to my Contact Me” page or just shoot me an email directly at and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.
I look forward to breaking new grounds for your health brand.
To Your Success,
Richard Adefioye.